“My name is Le' Le' Thaw from Sint Gu village in Nyaung Oo township. I moved to Yangon 7 years ago with my siblings to open a street restaurant. The money I earn from the restaurant, I use for personal expenses, health, business, and social events. I usually send money back to my mother via the bank every month. My mom has to travel to Chauk with a motorbike or a bus to collect money. It costs her 20 minutes and 2,000 Kyats with motorbike or 45 minutes and 500 Kyats with a bus each way, in addition to the bank’s service charge. I always worry that something will happen to mom or the money on the way from the bank.. It would be much more convenient if there was a place to receive money right in her village.”

Le’ Le’ Thaw, Street Restaurant Owner, Sint Gu Village, Nyaung U Township

“My name is Ma Chit Su Shwe. Each month I receive my salary from my employer, however there have been some issues over how we receive our salaries. Originally we used to receive our salary in cash on payday but this proved to be problematic as I was worried about safety when carrying cash around with me, as there could be a pickpocket on the bus or someone who follows me on the way home. More recently we have been receiving our salaries into a bank account so I can withdraw the money from an ATM. This is definitely better but there are still problems as often the ATM is out of service, the card gets swallowed by the machine or the money doesn’t come out even though the account was debited. If there was a solution to be able to receive salaries directly on our phones and cash out the money from reliable, convenient sources which are open outside office hours and at the weekends this would be amazing! ”

Chit Su Shwe, Office Clerk, Yangon

“My name is U Tint Lwin Oo, and I come from North Dagon and I work as a plumber. In my company, we get paid every 5 days, and I give all the money I earn to my wife. I only keep enough to cover my transportation costs and small personal expenses. My wife manages our household, she buys our food and pays our bills. Our financial planning cycle is literally 5 days – until my next pay. Sometimes my salary is delayed. In these situations, we struggle and I have to go to the pawnshop to pawn the very little gold we have. The pawnshop owner collects daily interests and it is quite costly, but I have no choice. Before, I managed to save a small sum every month which I have turned into a small investment. A little while back, my wife and I bought a small land. Putting away money every month, only a few kyats here and there, was not easy, but it is worth it.”

Tint Lwin Oo, Plumber, Yangon

“My name is Maung Maung Oo and I live in Sat Hmu 2, Mandalay. I trade agricultural products for a living, and my business relies heavily on being able to send and receive money efficiently. Currently, I use both bank and hundi services to transfer money, more often hundi services actually, especially to be able to send money to more rural locations. It is quite expensive to utilize hundi services, and they are not always reliable. I have experienced more than once that there was a shortage of money at receiving end hundi, and my business partner had to wait an extra day to collect the money. I don’t like relying on hundi. I have also heard stories that Hundis are not trustworthy. Wave Money will be very convenient for traders like myself. To be able to send and receive money from a nearby Wave Money shop in every village is just great. The shops in the village are always open, even during weekends and holidays. And you can send money anywhere anytime. Wave Money will be a highly trusted brand!”

Maung Maung Oo, Agricultural Products Trader, Mandalay

“My name is Ye' Ko Ko Htet, and I am a 22 years old security officer. I live with my mother here in Bahan township in Yangon. Each month, I share half of my salary with my mother. The money helps her to save a little bit, both for herself and for my future. Most often she saves the money at home. She is hesitant to go to the bank as she feels that banks are not for her. She feels inferior going to the bank. Her health also inhibits her to travel over longer distances, and she is not fond of crowded places. In order to make the saving grow, she sometimes lends our saving to others in needs. However, on more than one occasion, they have not returned the money and we have lost our savings. I worry every time she lends money to others. Even saving at home is not ideal, what if someone takes the money or we have a fire? It would be much more comfortable for her if she could find better options to secure our saving.”

Ye’ Ko Ko Htet, Security Officer, Yangon