Case Study

How mobile financial services can help a trishaw driver?

Kyaw Min, a 28-year-old trishaw driver lives in Mandalay with his wife and two kids. He dutifully sends 20,000 Kyats to his parents in a rural village outside Kyaukse every month. He sends the money with the morning bus and his money can be picked up in Kyaukse in the evening or the next morning. Every month he worries whether that the money will arrive safely.
Kyaw Min is currently unable to open a bank account, because he does not have the minimum deposit amount. He also feels very intimidated by the banks and does not fully trust them. He hopes one day he can have enough savings to leave his trishaw behind, open a shop, and see his children educated and married.
With Wave Money, Kyaw Min, can send money to his parents conveniently and safely either from a nearby trusted agent in Mandalay or from his mobile phone. The Wave Money transfer is safe and instant. Kyaw Min’s parents can instantly pick up their money from their closest authorized Wave Shop in Kyaukse.