Yes, anyone can transfer money through a nearby Wave Shop.

Telenor customers can open a Wave Account through a hassle-free process, and send money directly from their mobile phone anywhere, at anytime. They also benefit from exclusive tariffs when sending money, higher transaction limits and a more comprehensive set of services.

Money Transfer through Wave Shop

You need your NRC and a mobile phone number to send money.

You need NRC, Transaction ID and secret withdrawal code to receive money.

You need to call customer helpline.

Secret withdrawal code consists of 6 digits.

You need to call customer helpline.

Wave Account Services

You can get yourself registered by any way below;

  • Downloading Wave Money App from Play Store bit.ly/waveplay or directly from bit.ly/waveapk1
  • Dialing *901#
  • By visiting any Wave Shop agent
  • By sending an SMS “JOIN” to 901
  • By dialing IVR (900)

Registration is instant and you can start transacting right after the account opening.

Yes, you can generate a secret withdrawal code from your Wave Account and send it to the recipient to withdraw money at any Wave Shop.

Yes, anyone can send money to your Wave Account through a Wave Shop.

You need to call customer helpline.

You can change SMS language as per below steps:

  • Step 1: Dial 900
  • Step 2: Press 5 for changing to another language for Wave Account
  • Step 3: Enter your 4-digit PIN
  • Step 4: Press 1 for Burmese language or 2 for English language

After changing language, you will receive all the SMS regarding your Wave Account in your selected language.